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Become a Google Shopping Ninja —
2017 Edition

Our award-winning talk, updated to reflect the evolving PLA marketplace

Google Shopping is a complex platform in a hypercompetitive ecosystem—but with our Ninja Tips, you can develop the operational agility and campaign focus needed to excel. Our talk, Become a Google Shopping Ninja, shares not only the most current generation of best practices for managing your Google Shopping campaigns, but even future practices that will accelerate your business.

We review the three dimensions of a modern, fully-optimized Shopping campaign. First thing first: creating a granular, sku-level campaign structure is essential to revealing the true winners and losers in your assortment and setting smart bids in response. Next, with mobile owning 61% of the click share, a mobile-forward approach to device management just makes sense. We discuss how and why to triple your campaigns for maximum device optimization. Finally, we let you in on our groundbreaking strategy called Implicit Query Sculpting. It’s even cooler than it sounds. This tactic addresses individual queries with precise bid evaluations using a powerful combination of campaign priorities, negative keywords, and term scoring.

As an added bonus, we demonstrate how to use custom labels to put your gut feelings to the test. Follow all our Ninja Tips to position yourself at the very forefront of Google Shopping management and performance.