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A PPC Manager’s Automation Guide
to Google Shopping

Learn how to navigate your future in PPC

PPC Managers Automation Guide to Google Shopping

PPC is a critical component of retaining market visibility. However, like many other business marketing channels, paid search is in the middle of an automation transformation - changing how campaigns are structured and the value that PPC managers can bring to the process. Start to free up your time and update your strategic thinking to grow the productivity of your PPC campaigns even further.

By downloading this eBook you will:

  • Learn how to become the strategic hub driving the heart of online expansion in your company.
  • Understand the pros and cons of Google’s in-house automation (Smart Shopping).
  • Access a checklist to help you choose the best PPC automation tools for your company.
  • Learn about the characteristics and features of the top Google Shopping automation solutions.

Achieving success online has never been more important. Make sure you are equipped with the right tools and resources to capitalise on the opportunities the growth of ecommerce brings.

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