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Automate and manage millions of text ads based on best practices and highest
technology standards.

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Trusted by more than 600 leading online retailers

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Gain competitive advantages by automating search ads with our retail-centric technology

We are Smarter Ecommerce. We live, think and grow ecommerce since 2007.

millions of
text ads
your text ad
save time
with search ads
in highest
SA360 standard

Automate your paid search success and
manage your text ads more effectively

feed transformation ensures top performance

  • Create a high-quality feed that fits your business
  • Easily integrate and merge feeds from multiple sources to cover your whole inventory
  • Transform your data feed into campaign types that match search behaviour

keyword generation
at the push of a button

  • Source high-potential keywords that perform
  • Exclude low-performing keywords to save money
  • Add synonyms that match with your customers’ searches

Tailor your ads based on custom business rules

  • Promote categories that are likely to convert
  • Highlight your great assortment variety or prices
  • Increase your ad relevance and CTRs

Automated and customisable
deep linking

  • Build ad URLs that meet buyer intent for more sales
  • Overcome the limitations of your Shopping feed
  • Define deep linking rules based on your stock levels

Autonomous ad management via intuitive UI for more flexibility

  • Easily transform your inventory data into campaigns that perform
  • Choose and manage ad templates for both RSAs or ETAs
  • Benefit from advanced fallback mechanisms that guarantee the display of your ads

Highest usability with full
SA360 integration

  • Efficiently manage large marketing campaigns across
    multiple search engines
  • Get tailored reports for improved collaboration,
    decision-making and results
  • Meet business objectives with automated bidding
    power by machine learning

More features to come for strong growth results.

More than just an innovative software

From operational support to strategic consulting:
we have got you covered with our expert services.

Account Management

  • Google Search Ads
  • Microsoft Search Ads
  • Search Ads Consulting

Strategic Consulting

  • Ecommerce go2market
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Ecommerce transformation

Technical Setup

  • Full technical setup
  • Software configuration & training
  • Feed connection

Campaign Setup

  • Trouble-free campaign setup
  • Creation of intial text ads
  • Blacklisting & business rules

Hear what our
clients say

6 reasons to work
with us

Online retail centricity
since 2007

We at Smarter Ecommerce have been focusing on ecommerce for 14 years. To solve your specific challenges we share our expertise with you.

Excellent quality
in all aspects

Fast and reliable campaign setup, state-of-the-art feed transformation, agile feature development and an expert team driven by our values.

Expert consultancy
from day one

We combine intuitive technology with elaborate onboarding and proactive support.

Smart intent

Match the intent of your audience with synonyms, keywords and dynamic ad params – for greater relevance.

Powerful Search Ads 360

We built the AdEngine 360 on the latest Google technology that ensures fast adoption, outstanding bidding and multi-search-engine coverage.

Growth beyond
text ads

We excel in more areas than paid search. We optimise and automate all your campaigns from Shopping and Display to Programmatic.

Grow your business with the AdEngine 360
and our advanced Search services

Get in touch with us and learn more about how we deliver
competitive advantage.

What you can expect:

  • 1.  
    Individual kick-off meeting to get an understanding for your company goals
  • 2.  
    Professional and detailed account analysis
  • 3.  
    Presentation of optimisation possibilities
  • 4.  
    Strategy plan custom-tailored to
    your company
  • 5.  
    Personalised offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Smarter Ecommerce create solutions for ambitious online retailers. While the AdEngine 360 can be used by companies of all industries, many features were developed with retail and ecommerce use cases in mind. Our customers represent a diverse range of retail verticals: from sports, fashion and electronics to FMCG, stationary or health & beauty.

The AdEngine 360 was built for ecommerce businesses with 10,000+ products, targeting more than just one channel and market. The greatest value can be generated in industries characterised by large and dynamic assortments.

Yes, the AdEngine 360 builds on Google Search Ads 360 to bring your text ads to the next level and guarantee you access to best-in-class technology.

Search Ads 360 (SA360) is Google’s enterprise search engine management platform. It allows users to streamline workflows and encompasses powerful reporting features, robust bidding and custom, data-driven attribution models. SA360 also allows you to run ads across search engines and channels.

No worries, if you do not have an SA360 account yet, we help you set up an account during the onboarding phase.

With the AdEngine 360 your text ads are set up for the highest levels of accuracy. Cyclical round-trips ensure that inventory data is fetched at regular intervals and dynamically placed in your ads. Like this, your ads always reflect changes in your inventory.

You can customise both the timing and the intervals of the round-trips as well as the product attributes that you wish to place in your ads. Similarly, new products are recognised and advertised in accordance with your preferences. Thanks to the AdEngine 360, your products get the exposure they deserve and your ads always show the most recent price, stock levels, promotions etc.

We wanted to offer our clients the best text ad technology on the market: technology made for ambitious, international retail organisations that strive to grow even further. Building on Google’s most advanced search management platform was therefore a given.

When we look at the ecommerce market today, we see retail organisations that aim to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, performance and security – internationally and across channels. With Search Ads 360, we can offer not only the coverage of multiple search engines, best-in-class reporting features and advanced bidding mechanisms but also an efficient way to manage all of that via one central interface – a perfect fit.

There are some technical and strategic points to consider before signing up:

  • Number of products: While we do not enforce a hard limit, the AdEngine 360 is most valuable for businesses with more than 10,000 products
  • Industry: Many features of the AdEngine 360 cater to online retailers
  • Text ad budget: Most of our business partners have an ad spend of more than €30,000+ per month for text ads
  • Onboarding duration: We will work closely with you to set up your campaigns for success. On average it takes 4-5 weeks from contract negotiations until the go-live.
  • Google Ads account: In order to run Google ads, you will need a Google Ads engine account connected to your Search Ads 360 account.
  • Feed: The AdEngine 360 can work with Merchant Center feeds and raw data feed (CSVs etc.) . The more data, the higher the relevance of your text ads.

The AdEngine 360 pricing consists of a one-off setup fee, a monthly base fee and a monthly ad spend-based SaaS fee. Optionally, you can book services to access even more benefits. Some of the most popular service packages include trainings, consulting or full account management. Naturally, depending on the complexity of your account and the service level you opt for, the AdEngine 360 price tag will vary. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. Our service team will be happy to find the right pricing plan for you.

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