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How Myprotein achieved unprecedented revenue gains in the highly-competitive global sports nutrition market.


Revenue in Ireland


Revenue in Japan

The challenge

THG struggled to optimize Google Ads’ Performance Max (PMax) across their vast ‘Nutrition’ divisions. Particularly for their flagship Myprotein shop, the automated nature of PMax led to a loss of granular control over the store’s catalog of quality nutrition supplements, causing inefficient budget use and poor ad performance.

To achieve their business goal of increasing Myprotein’s revenue while strengthening its market leadership, THG needed a strategy to guide Google’s spending towards their most valuable products, specifically:

  1. Premium products with high margins.
  2. Products that enhance brand identity and appeal to new customers. *

*Interested to find out how Myprotein strengthened its leadership in the highly competitive Nutrition market? Read the full case study!

The solution

With the help of smec’s software solution, Myprotein tailored a highly impactful PMax strategy to regain control over their advertising campaigns and elevate their business objectives. The strategy involved:

  • Segmenting their high-quality portfolio by a multitude of critical business metrics – such as product price, type, and profitability – to closely align campaigns with their strategic goal of pushing products most important to their brand.
  • Custom ‘Sales impact’ and ‘New Customer Rate’ metrics that identified high-conversion products and those likely to attract new customers. Allowing for refined targeting and optimized ad spend.
  • The automatic generation of tailored campaigns with appropriate tROAS goals and budgets, that are refreshed daily to adapt to shifts in Myprotein’s objectives and product lineup.

The results

Our collaboration led to exceptional growth for Myprotein, marked by a staggering 522% increase in revenue in key markets like Ireland and a 148% revenue boost in Japan (YoY).

At last, THG and Myprotein were able to:

  • Regain control over their PMax campaigns, aligning them with their business objectives.
  • Utilize dynamic, multi-dimensional product segmentation to streamline their advertising strategy.
  • Enhance revenue and brand identity by focusing on high-value nutrition products and leveraging new customer acquisition opportunities.

On top of that, MyProtein’s in-house teams gained valuable insights and practical tips from directly collaborating with smec’s renowned PPC experts. Leading to a notable increase in their campaign management expertise.

A flagship brand under THG's 'Nutrition' division, Myprotein is the world's leading online sports nutrition retailer. They offer an extensive range of products, from protein powders and supplements to health snacks and drinks, alongside a line of activewear under the 'MP' brand. THG is a vertically integrated, digital first consumer brands group that operates three distinct businesses in Beauty, Nutrition and Ingenuity, each scaled from the UK to hold global leading positions in their respective sectors.
Headquarters: Manchester, United Kingdom
Industry: Nutrition
Technologies used:
Performance Max Optimization