The perfect assist

How the Miami HEAT and smec scored
+70% revenue growth with PMax.

Matthew Strelitz,

Director of Performance Marketing, Miami HEAT


more conversions


more revenue
from PMax


stronger ROAS
in Search

The challenge

In 2023, the Miami HEAT thrilled their fans by making it to the most important showdown in the world of basketball – the NBA Finals. To turn one of the most spectacular runs in their team’s history into tangible business results, they needed a trustworthy and goal-driven advertising partner – a partner they had in smec. The goal of our collaboration? To reap the benefits from this historic run by maximizing ecommerce sales opportunities.

The solution

To help the Miami HEAT get the most out of their account, we combined Search, PMax and Shopping campaigns. Especially the combination of PMax and Search paid off. Using our own technology on top of Google’s out-of-the-box PMax functionalities allowed the Miami HEAT to integrate critical data about their business and market – a huge advantage in the fast-paced world of sports. In the meanwhile, search ads helped the HEAT team to highlight top players and special collections.

The results

Our partnership has helped the Miami HEAT forge a deeper connection between business and marketing, unlocking the full potential of Google Ads to support healthy customer acquisition and retention. Overall, the HEAT saw an increase in conversions by +55% and a +63% increase in revenue. In Performance Max itself, the revenue increase was even stronger at +70% while the ROAS improved by +29%.

The Miami HEAT is an American professional basketball team. Since 2020, they have been doubling down on the ecommerce side of their business. That's why paid search has become essential for them, especially during phases of peak demand.
Headquarters: Miami, USA
Industry: Sports & Apparel
Campaign Types used:
Performance Max
Search Ads
Shopping Ads