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With our Google Shopping management software Whoop!, you can go beyond short-term gains by combining machine learning with smart data integration. Achieve greater returns and apply strategies that matter most to your company.

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Automate your Shopping success

Best-in-class bid management to maximize the profitability of your Shopping campaigns

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Achieve superior performance with advanced campaign structures

Query Sculpting feature in Whoop! by smec

Free yourself from the limits of standard campaign setups and build your ideal campaign structure for your business objectives. Factor in buyer intent and device performance or build your own customized campaign groups by profit margins. This way you can invest your ad spend in strategic and unique campaign segments providing the biggest growth potential.

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Outstanding bid management for higher returns

Advanced Bid Strategies feature (Whoop! Screenshot)

Our award-winning machine learning algorithm offers advanced bid strategies at all segmentation levels of your assortment and allows you to bid based on price competitiveness and margin information. Our predictive algorithm also helps you boost your long-tail performance. With Whoop! you easily overcome the limitations of revenue-based bidding and optimize your ads for greater returns on investment.

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Pay less for your ad clicks with CSS

Schreenshot of CSS management with Whoop!

With our baked-in solution for Comparison Shopping Services (CSS), we help you win even more Shopping auctions. Benefit from our expertise as Premium CSS Partner and enjoy a seamless setup of your CSS account. You’ll not only save up to 20% on CPCs but also achieve better visibility in Google Shopping. Going international? We cover all available CSS markets and support an unlimited number of products.

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Get actionable insights to improve your Shopping performance

Schreenshot of Shopping Insights feature of Whoop!

With our Shopping data visualizations you are able to get detailed insights, which empower you to make data-informed decisions taking your campaigns to the next level. Choose from powerful interactive charts and reports designed to highlight emerging trends and detect growth potentials. In combination with our Pricing Engine you can even access pricing insights to better understand your market price positioning and price behavior on SKU level.

We transform your Shopping success

Achieve sustainable growth with the power of smart automation

More than just an innovative software

From operational support to strategic consulting: we’ve got you covered!

Dedicated service alongside top-notch tools is the DNA of customer success – and deeply embedded in our roots. Our experience with 600+ accounts shows that automation paired with human expertise is the ultimate key to growth and success. Through intensive cooperation on an operational and strategic level, we thrive to bring your account to even greater heights. Here is an overview of our services that go along with our Google Shopping Management Software:

Professional Onboarding & Setup

We make sure to get you perfectly onboarded to Whoop! with a dedicated 3-month onboarding plan. We take care of your account setup, help you to optimize your feed for the best possible results and provide on-demand technical support whenever needed.

Monitoring, Optimizing & Reporting

Working with us means that you preserve full control over your campaigns since we offer an integrated warning system as well as constant monitoring of your KPIs. In addition, we provide you with customized reports and run expert analyses on a regular basis with the goal to constantly push your Shopping performance.

Strategic Consulting

We offer ecommerce consulting beyond Shopping ads: holistic and strategic support for achieving and maintaining market leadership in a competitive ecommerce environment. We are a strategic growth partner for ambitious retailers that want to be a leader in their industry.

Strategy Enablement

We don’t just provide simple strategic consulting - we walk the talk! We help you transform strategies into actionable tactics that deliver results. Build on our 14 years experience in online retail to grow your business and your teams by developing an agile and data-driven test and learn mindset.

Global market leaders rely on our growth expertise

Grow your business with our award-winning Shopping solution

Get in touch with us and learn more about our offerings

What you can expect:

  • Individual kick-off meeting to get an understanding for your company goals
  • Free and detailed account analysis
  • Presentation of optimization possibilities
  • Strategy plan custom-tailored to your company
  • Personalized offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whoop! can be used with equal success across all industries eligible for Google Shopping. Our software is used in many different retail industries from apparel, fashion and sports, to consumer electronics, furniture specialists or beauty and cosmetics. Big international brands in B2C, D2C and even B2B have found Google Shopping success with Whoop!. Read our testimonials and case studies for more insights.

To achieve the best results with Whoop! you should spend at least € 5,000 per month on Google Shopping with a minimum of 30 conversions per target country. If your account does not meet these criteria, Whoop! might not be the right solution for you.

The specific pricing of Whoop! depends on the size and complexity of your account. We will offer you pricing that reflects a fair and sustainable cost-benefit ratio. Your pricing plan consists of two elements: a software fee and a base fee. The software fee will remain flat month-to-month, while the usage fee is calculated retroactively as a percentage of your Google Shopping ad spend from the previous month. For full transparency, we will agree on a pricing scheme and invoicing cycle before your start with Whoop!.

Want to know what pricing and results we can offer you? Please fill out the contact form above so we can speak about enhancing your Google Shopping performance.

Best way to get started is to get in touch with us through the webform above. Our certified Google Shopping experts will reach out to you to schedule an appointment for a discovery call where we will answer all your questions and see if Whoop! can help you achieve your goals. Based on your needs and potentials we will present you a customized solution.