Tailored creatives at your fingertips

How Raumschmiede uses an inventory- and performance-driven programmatic approach
to win more clients.

Erich Georg Schweihofer,

Director Performance Marketing & BI, Raumschmiede


Viewability for top sellers




Million additional reach

The challenge

Garten-und-Freizeit.de is one of the leading shops of the German ecommerce powerhouse Raumschmiede. The company wanted to push top products with a high ROAS and conversion potential beyond Google’s display network to reach and win new clients.

The solution

Applying smec’s data intelligence, Raumschmiede was able to screen and identify top potential products from more than 20 categories based on specific KPI rules. Through the expert combination of data and the smec Programmatic ad automation solution, high-quality, item-specific creatives were then generated without additional manual effort for the Raumschmiede team and without having to involve expensive creative agencies in the process – a truly efficient and effective process.

The results

Creatives were distributed via a large number of ad exchanges, using precise targeting. Together with the Raumschmiede team we successfully maximized the exposure of top items to highly relevant audiences, resulting in 91.08% viewability for top sellers to support marketing objectives. In addition, in just 2 weeks, our efforts generated 6.95M impressions for additional reach among relevant audiences and strengthened the lower funnel with 274 conversions.

One of Raumschmiede's brands, Garten-und-Freizeit.de, is one of the leading German online retailers for high-quality garden and leisure furniture.
Headquarters: Genderkingen, Germany
Industry: Home and Garden
Technologies used:
Programmatic Ad Automation