Long-term success with Ad Automation

Schäfer Shop uses Search and Shopping ad automation for comprehensive performance management within Google Ads.

Sebastian Händeler,

Head of ecommerce, Schäfer Shop




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The challenge

Schäfer Shop is one of Europe’s leading B2B multi-channel distributors of office and warehouse supplies with an assortment of over 80,000 products. Their goal? Provide each and every customer with a pleasant shopping experience. However, this can be challenging, because how can you generate and manually update quality text ads for all 80,000 products and how can Google Shopping campaigns be controlled with reasonable resources and time-effort?

The solution? Search and Shopping ad automation.

The solution

Using our longtail approach, the Schäfer Shop is able to deliver product-specific ads and to handle their fast-changing product portfolio. Customized business rules empower the company to control each ad to the tiniest detail in order to provide their customers with the most relevant information. This includes data regarding sales prices, product availability, complementary products, starting prices and more. The flexibility of our search ad automation tool perfectly meets the further market expansion plans of Schäfer Shop, as the individual adaptation with customized setups to the respective countries is easier.

Moreover, with the intent to optimize their online performance even further, Schaefer Shop implemented our shopping ad automation tool. Highly granular campaigns, enable Schaefer Shop to easily adjust bids at the item level, all while meeting focused bidding goals. The result is an average of 50,000 data-driven bid adjustments each and every day.

The results

Together with Schäfer Shop, we managed to not only create top quality text ads and shopping bids for all 80,000 products, but also increase their annual online revenue by +20% in Germany alone. Paid ads automation affected the company’s bottom line positively, as the conversion value increased by more than +29% and the conversion rate by nearly +35%. On top of that, company managed to optimize their internal processes through time-savings, as the marketing team shifted from repetitive task-work to strategic thinking and planning. The automated management of text ads for all products and the implementation of Google Shopping ads automation, allowed for even higher levels of efficiency and a perfect use of synergies.

Schäfer Shop is one of Europe’s leading B2B multi-channel distributors of office and warehouse supplies. Their assortment includes more than 80,000 products, ranging from ergonomic furniture to commercial printers and promotional materials.
Headquarters: Betzdorf, DE
Industry: B2B Office Supply