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Florian Wiesner,

Online Marketing Manager, engelhorn




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The challenge

Managing SEA campaigns can be a tough business that involves a lot of manual adjustments, spreadsheets and more or less complex editors. Paired with a large, fast-moving portfolio and a marketing strategy that calls for high levels of granularity in advertising, the challenge may be overwhelming to many. Luckily, we see greater levels of automation every year – a relief, as long as the automation solutions are integrated and used smartly.

Engelhorn, a fashion and sports retailer, is not new to these challenges. With an assortment of 50,000 products that ranges from fashion and luxury to sporting goods, and a highly sophisticated target group, they have seen their fair share of hurdles when it comes to paid search advertising. That’s why they partnered with smec.

The solution

engelhorn’s online marketing team was looking for a solution that made it possible to combine the advantages of automation with meticulous text ad composition. Luckily we were able to offer them a solution that combines automation while guaranteeing a high level of customization.

A key prerequisite for the implementation: quality assortment data for inventory-driven ad generation at scale. We therefore sat down with the client to devise a structured way for data extraction, transformation and integration – multiple times each day. Technical and organizational hurdles had to be overcome, silo thinking smashed and communication between teams facilitated. With success: in July 2017, the text ad campaigns setup went live for the first time.

The results

Before joining forces, engelhorn had to make compromises in regards to granularity, quality and up-to-dateness of text ad campaigns. Now, their entire product portfolio is advertised at the right level of granularity, reach optimized and conversion opportunities maximized.

Thanks to data management and cyclical round trips, every ad in every campaign is always up to date – something that was simply impossible before. The details that now enrich each text ad provide customers with highly relevant information at one glance.

Together with engelhorn, we have mastered their ambitious target and have implemented a customizable automation solution for a large, fast-moving portfolio. The result? Greater levels of efficiency. The team is finally free to work on strategic tasks that make a difference and will help the company grow even further in the future.

We are proud of the engelhorn team and our joint achievement, because one thing is for sure: implementing a new data strategy and driving digital ad automation is no small feat. This project serves as an example that the collaboration between ambitious teams – as well as the interplay between human and machine – can be a work of art. It shows how love for detail can make the most of automation, and how automation can enhance that love for detail, making it scalable in a way that would never be possible without it.

engelhorn is a fashion & sports retailer founded in 1890 in Mannheim by Georg Engelhorn and Adam Sturm and is still being run – for the 4th generation – by the Engelhorn family. Their assortment contains 50,000 products and ranges from fashion and luxury to sporting goods, catering to a particularly sophisticated target group.
Headquarters: Mannheim, GER
Industry: Fashion & Sports
Technologies used:
Cross-Channel Orchestration