Objective-based bidding leads to greater results

Dutch furniture specialist Flinders partners with smec to increase revenue by 185%.

Oscar Diele,

Co-owner & COO, Flinders







The challenge

Flinders, a dutch specialist retailer in the luxury segment of “Home & Living”, faced the challenges of managing the promotion of an ever growing product portfolio, consisting of 150 brands and over 36,000 products. Their goal? To make digital advertising smarter and more cost efficient.

Even before our collaboration started, it was apparent that the Flinder’s team had a very advanced campaign strategy in place: Shopping campaigns were split to reflect search queries and a highly granular setup allowed for item-based-bidding. However, multiple factors prevented Flinders from expanding their revenue, managing their product assortment efficiently and ultimately increasing their revenue and profit while maintaining ROAS goals.

The solution? Optimizing the query split setup and pairing it with margin-based bid strategies and adjustments per device.

The solution

Starting with a detailed account analysis, patterns in purchasing intent and customer wishes, in regards to brand, product type, colors or materials, were uncovered to expand traffic and increase accuracy. Through the optimization, Flinders would now be able to also target new customers and people who might not have a brand preference (yet).

Using “Advanced Bid Strategies”, Flinders was furthermore able to create strategies based on price, popularity or seasonality, allowing them to bid according to their underlying business goals. Besides that, we started to factor in profit margins and marketplace promotions to avoid the cannibalisation of ad potentials of products also advertised via Bijenkorf, bol.com and fonQ.nl.

The result

A significant performance uplift was seen in terms of impressions (+313%), clicks (+272%) and revenue (+185%). Flinders successfully unlocked potentials which contributed significantly to reaching their goals of increasing revenue and profit. Additionally, Flinders now has full control over their campaigns and is able to scale operations, while ensuring data transparency.

Flinders is a Dutch specialist retailer with a passion for interior design and a product assortment which consists of more than 36,000 design products from more than 150 premium brands.
Headquarters: Zaandam, NL
Industry: Furniture & Home Decor
Technologies used:
Cross-Channel Advertising