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Own paid search channels to
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Globetrotter leverages automation to promote a large & diverse product portfolio at scale

Bea Steingräber,

SEA Manager, Globetrotter




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The challenge

Being a leading outdoor retailer with a product catalogue consisting of numerous high-quality brands and carefully selected products, Globetrotter wants to pursue ambitious growth goals to stay ahead of the competition.

However, Globetrotter, like most retailers, is facing a major hurdle: offering a wide range of products that match numerous customer needs and promoting these products effectively across multiple ad channels.

The key to overcoming this challenge is to understand the complex online marketing environment when advertising a large and diverse product assortment, the role of user search behaviour and the importance of selecting the right tools. So, together with Globetrotter we identified the following topics of interest:

  • Advertising the entire product assortment effectively across multiple search ad channels to not miss out on potential. Generating high-quality ads specifically tailored to the target audience, thus reaching them at the right time with the right message.
  • Capitalising on the opportunities of automation to boost efficiency and benefit from synergies between automation solutions.
  • Increasing conversions to fuel substantial revenue and business growth.

The solution

To drive growth at scale, world-class paid search experts from Globetrotter and smec teamed up to weather the storm of rising paid search challenges.

We decided to focus on the following core areas:

  • A smart campaign structure in all paid search channels to advertise the full range of products with the right level of granularity, gather detailed insights into the account and craft marketing strategies that meet their needs.
  • Funnelling traffic via Query Sculpting and advanced business logics to reach customers with the right ad at the right time while being able to allocate budget to channels and campaigns thatmatter the most.
  • Leveraging data and capitalising on synergies through features such as Keyword Sourcing, while mirroring proven Google Ads strategies to Microsoft Advertising to boosting efficiency and make the most of the data at hand.

In particular, the following measures were set:

In order to reach their ambitious growth goals for Shopping, measures to promote efficient campaign management and effective targeting were kick-started. Traffic was to be funneled per device and search query (Query Sculpting) and bids consequently adjusted to search intent and behaviour . smec automated this process and together with Globetrotter we took the opportunity for a more personalized approach to bidding. .

In regards to text ad management, we decided for a switch to our customisable automation software to reduce manual effort related to text ad creation. The result?owerful, high-quality ads based on inventory data that are up-to-date and match users’ search queries along the entire customer journey.

In addition, Google Ads strategies were mirrored to Microsoft Advertising and Shopping insights applied to Search Ads through the power of Keyword Sourcing. In particular, keywords that ‘converted’ in Google Shopping were sourced and used to create text ads to push well-performing products at scale.

The results

Using synergetic leverage to foster revenue growth and increase the quality of ads across channels – Here’s what Globetrotter achieved looking at YoY growth numbers for Google Shopping and Google Search as well as Microsoft Advertising:


Globetrotter is one of the biggest outdoor retailers in Europe with 18 physical stores and 2 outlets in 19 German cities and a webshop with approx. 35,000 products.
Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany
Industry: Outdoor