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Full-funnel strategy for conversion boost

INTERSPORT uses the potential of a full-funnel strategy to boost conversions.

Marcel Waser,

Team Lead Digital Marketing, INTERSPORT


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The challenge

In an extremely competitive ecommerce market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for retailers to reach the pole position online.

INTERSPORT, Austria’s first choice for sportswear and equipment, has already been working successfully with smec since 2018. A main pain point for INTERSPORT were manual, resource-intensive activities such as the optimisation of granular campaigns. That’s why they decided to implement a holistic multi-channel strategy and leverage offline and online data potential while reducing manual activities and strategically supporting INTERSPORT’s team.

The solution

To overcome these hurdles, smec focused its efforts for INTERSPORT on four key areas: Shopping Ads, Search Ads, Programmatic Ads and Analytics.

The concrete solution included data-driven, rule-based Search Ad Automation, Shopping Ad Automation with granular bid adjustment and customisable Programmatic ads enriched with first-party data.

  • With Search Ad Automation ads are generated in a data-driven manner with an increased accuracy of fit: Thanks to Business Rules and URL Building, suitable text ads including individual links can be generated fully automatically for every search query.
  • To optimise Shopping ads, a granular and custom-fit campaign structure was set up. Furthermore, Shopping Ad Automation allows for uncomplicated bid adjustment based on business goals.
  • For the visual promotion of their products INTERSPORT relies on Programmatic Ads. These banners can be quickly adapted and are used throughout all stages of the funnel.
  • To make best use of their online and offline data, a plan to upgrade INTERSPORT’s Google Analytics was defined as well. This will help integrate online and offline data as well as make the targeting of digital advertising campaigns easier.

The results

Through the interconnected use of Search, Shopping and Programmatic ads in combination with an advanced data strategy, INTERSPORT achieved stunning results: In addition to increasing the users’ session duration (+300%) we were able to see a considerable performance uplift in the conversion rate (+47%) and the conversion value (+324%).

INTERSPORT is Austria's most important player in sports retailing and an important economic factor with 280 shops and 3,600 jobs.
Headquarters: INTERSPORT Austria, Wels, Austria
Industry: Sports retail