Breaking down barriers to
PMax growth

How a data-driven approach to Performance Max increased Westfalia's conversion value
by +19.8%.

Sebastian Jansen,

Head of Performance Marketing, Westfalia


Conv. Value


higher ROAS


more clicks

The challenge

Westfalia faces a challenge in optimizing the Performance Max algorithm to its advantage, particularly in a single campaign setup. Main struggle? Google’s algorithm was majorly pushing the products on sale because they were more likely to sell. This resulted in a lot of advertising budget being spent on unprofitable products, making it hard to maximise ROAS and conversion value.

The solution

We did an in-depth analysis of the account and the PMax campaigns in order to compare Westfalia’s status quo to their goals. We started with checking: campaign structure, campaign performance, product performance, YoY development and price competitiveness. Our objective: To identify barriers to growth and opportunities to improve.

The results

Our solution successfully redirected Google’s attention from easy wins to strategically significant products, fuelling Westfalia’s business growth. Now, Westfalia is confidently investing in items that truly impact their business, resulting in 19.82% increase in conversion value, 8.34% more clicks, and 4.7% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Additionally, we’ve liberated Westfalia’s in-house resources, providing the team with ample time to concentrate on their other marketing campaigns.

Westfalia is a German business with 750+ employees that sells products for professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts looking to renovate their home, repair their car – or even just plan their next camping trip.
Headquarters: Hagen, Germany
Industry: DIY Tools & Equipment
Technologies used:
Performance Max Optimization