20% Discount On All Hero Conf 2015…

We are looking forward to the Hero Conf 2015 in London. And no, we won’t use the saying “London calling” right now (BTW: The Clash is a great band).

Instead we can offer you a 20% discount on all Hero Conf 2015 tickets.
The Hero Conf 2015 starts at October the 28 and will end at 30th October. 3 Days of networking, 40 speakers and 45 sessions are waiting for you.

And that’s how you get it (it’s easy):


1. Register to our newsletter

2. Confirm your subscription (we use double opt-in)

3. You get the voucher in our final welcome mail or if you go back to this posting


We are really excited because all of the top-notch PPC-people from all over the world will join this event: Larry KimKirk Williams aka “PPCKirk” or our friend and former Google evangelist Frederick Vallaeys and many more.

If you want to meet us in person, just drop us a line: Whoop!@HeroConf 2015

But now grab your discount!

Here it is: 20% discount for the upcoming Hero Conf 2015 in London

…and maybe you want to meet us: just drop us a line!


Update:  Sorry, voucher expired 🙁 But stay tuned and follow us to grab the next one!