Impressions From The Hero Conf 2015 London…

Day 2 of the Hero Conf 2015 London and again we and to share our impressions (see our impressions from day 1 here. Today was the last day of the talks and to come straight to the point: Again it was a day with awesome talks and perfect networking opportunities.


Speaker And Talks Day 2 Hero Conf 2015


“The Top 10 Social Media Advertising Hacks Of All Time” – Larry Kim

  The day couldn’t start better: Larry Kim entertained us with a great mixture of knowledge and humor. All who missed his presentation can find his slides on Slideshare. BTW: Larry found the breakfast and he did not have to starve to death 🙂  




“Quality Score Insights from An Ex-Googler” – Frederick Vallaeys

Frederick Vallaeys gave really interesting insights about the latest quality score update. As an former Google evangelist we got many great hints and background knowledge of the quality score. Like always it was a pleasure to listen to one of the most likeable PPC experts in this sector. Great!




“Winning The Moments That Matter” – Google / Biren Kalaria

Biren Kalaria talked about current and future trends of PPC and he showed how Google sees Ads in the future. Interesting: Google Shopping gets even more attention than before and cross device tracking should be much more easier than now.  


heroconf meme


The Hero Conf 2015 London Awards


Instead of a simple closing ceremony the Hanapin team let all visitors vote for the top 4 speakers. All winners were giving an final Q&A which was as interesting as their talks before.  



PPC People Are Hungry thirsty and addicted to candy





We had a lot of fun and the talks were well balanced. The organization by the Hanapin team was simply great! We’ll definitely looking forward to the next Hero Conf and even more to the next Hero Conf in London!