Impressions From The Hero Conf 2015 London

“We think it’s safe to say that Hero Conf is not your typical conference experience” says Hero Conf about Hero Conf. After the first day we definitely agree. The speaker lineup is really amazing and you can really get in touch with the top ppc people from all over the world. Enjoy some highlights from the first day 🙂


Speaker And Talks Day 1 Hero Conf 2015


“The Future Of PPC” – Brad Geddes


“How To Win Display Advertising” –  Jeff Baum (Hanapin Marketing)



“Sucking The Commercial Air Out Of SERPS” – Michael Stricker (SEMrush)


PPC People Are Hungry

Food and snacks were great. Their conversion rate and the “Eat-Through-Rate (ETR)” even more impressive:  



We are looking forward to the upcoming two days!