Great Day for PPC Automation: An event…

On October 18th, 2017, we will host the Great Day for PPC Automation at Tabakfabrik Linz. It is the first conference of its kind and it will be a truly inspiring and intriguing experience: international experts will present their insider knowledge, trends and innovations from Google, the SEA and SEM universe and discuss how AI and Machine Learning are transforming the industry and the global markets. The human side of the story will also play an important role. Additionally, after the talks, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary together with all guests, clients, partners, and friends. The answer to the question, what makes the Great Day so great, seems obvious.

Great Speakers

We managed to get some of the industry’s finest minds on board: Evan Waters, Director of Growth and Performance Marketing at Naspers; Patrick Chardon from Google Germany; Martin Röttgerding, Head of SEM at Bloofusion Germany; Frederick Vallaeys, founder of Optmyzr;  and two of our own, Reinhard Einwagner, Head of Innovation at smec, and Jan Radanitsch, CEO and founder of Smarter Ecommerce. The Great Day will be presented by Matt Van Wagner, president and founder of Find Me Faster.

The opening keynote will be delivered by a special guest: Nathalie Nahai, the foremost expert in web psychology and author of the best-selling book, Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion. Nathalie has a deep expertise and understanding of what motivates web users, how we tick and why we click, and how interactive design can enhance one’s online experience.

Great Insights

The key topics of the day are PPC automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.: Why is PPC automation a decisive factor especially today? How will automation support growth? How will Artificial Intelligence change the industry? Which Google innovations are next? What will the impact of these innovations be on the billion-dollar ecommerce market? Our insights and contributions will open new perspectives.

Great Location

In July 2017, perfectly aligned with our 10 year anniversary, we relocated our company headquarters to Tabakfabrik Linz,  an architectural masterpiece and a protected historic landmark built from designs by Peter Behrens, the leading representative of Industrial Modernism. The architecture was visionary and groundbreaking at its time and represents what our company stands for – to explore new avenues every day, to always be a step ahead, to enable our customers and partners to take the lead.

Great Programm

To ensure that the Great Day will really turn out great, we put together a program which combines exciting topics with pleasant networking opportunities: On the one hand, we have a mixture of keynotes, talks and presentations, spiced up with breakout sessions and a PPC clinic, on the other hand a live concert as well as our 10 years anniversary party that will ring the bell for the new era of our upcoming next ten years in an amazing way.

Great Atmosphere

The atmosphere will definitely be thrilling: From the inspiring ambience in the heart of Linz that lies in the heart of Austria that lies in the heart of Europe (well, kind of) to the people who will be present – they make the Great Day so exclusive with their outstanding expertise  and so inclusive with their engaging personalities.

Great Party

In the evening, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our long-term business partners, customers, and friends and will invite them and all the attendees of the Great Day to the 10 years of smec party to enjoy this special moment of history and to start a new decade of success together.

The Greatest of all

In the end, it is all about people because people are the foundation and the purpose of every technology. In this regard, we are ambassadors of a human-oriented, but not human-centered development. This thought is a little bit tricky but it pays off:

The greek philosopher Protagoras (5th century BC) coined the statement: “Man is the measure of all things”. This is true as humans evaluate everything from their perspective. But we should not set ourselves absolute. For precisely in the moment when we determine ourselves, we realize that we are also determined by what is above us, to which we stretch out our hands. Some are reaching for the stars, others for something even higher. However, it is always something that goes beyond technology, that extends beyond the daily business, and that’s what makes the Great Day so great.

By the way, the event will be live streamed, so everybody who can’t be there can watch it online as it unfolds – just click the signup link on our website and you’ll be able to register: Great Day for PPC Automation.

See you at the Great Day!