Understanding AdWords with Orbiter’s Treemap Technology


Orbiter revolves around your business data

Your Google AdWords campaigns are built on data, live and die by data, and generate still more data in their execution. With all this information available, we should all feel empowered, and never overwhelmed or frustrated. Sadly, there’s a catch: too often data is not really available, but is instead decentralized, buried, or difficult to grasp holistically. By producing interactive data visualizations, Orbiter enables you to take a global view of your AdWords KPIs, identify emerging trends, and take decisive action. That’s what managing big data should feel like.

Orbiter Treemap Visor Banner

Satellites carry an advanced array of instruments and modules to study planets in various spectrums. Likewise, Orbiter will continually add new visualization tools, and its initial launch capability is to build treemaps of your Google Shopping and Text Ads data.


Why Treemaps?

Treemap visualizations are used to flatten branching hierarchical data structures into highly-detailed overviews that are also quite compact. Each branch of the hierarchy becomes a rectangle containing all of its sub-branches as smaller rectangles, while the area and color of each rectangle signify different dimensions of the data.

Orbiter Treemap Data Visualizations Screen Capture

We chose treemap technology because it’s a stable, proven design that strongly accentuates human brainpower. This tool offers numerous immediate advantages to PPC managers and data analysts:

  • Organized, high-capacity structure displays your entire campaign data
  • Nested, zoomable layout is perfect for either a global view or granular analysis
  • Size & color codes encourage your eyes to find contrast and compare data points
  • Rigorously logical approach that will not distort the data
  • Unobtrusive design lets you focus on conclusions with no distractions
  • Particularly well-suited to displaying key AdWords metrics—a natural fit


What does this mean for you?

Orbiter unpacks your complex AdWords data and translates it into a neatly organized grid based on an intuitive small-to-big, red-to-green scheme. Let’s take a quick look at the controls.


Orbiter Shopping Control Screenshot

In the case of your Google Shopping data, the two dimensions, size and color, represent ad spend and performance respectively. Performance here is the measurement of an individual brand’s ROAS against your target ROAS during the last 30 days. This means you can easily spot and prioritize your ad spend winners and losers at a glance. Tip: Click the question mark next to any category to initiate a quick walkthrough.


Orbiter Text Ad Control Screenshot

For your Text Ad data, size can still represent costs, but also clicks or impressions based on your needs. Meanwhile, the color scale reflects the quality score achieved by a given campaign over the last 7 days. This means you can instantly direct your attention to previously invisible links between quality score and your other KPIs. Tip: Use AdEngine to accelerate your Text Ad performance.

In a nutshell, Orbiter’s treemap feature combines vital measurements of your AdWords health and efficiency into one easily-digestible, interactive chart. This is ideal for identifying winning and losing strategies, spotting trends, finding new correlations, and even sharing your AdWords story with less technical-minded decision makers in your company. Far from a resource-intensive data dive, this information is accessible on demand and for free.

See for yourself!


Connect to Orbiter now -or- Play with this sandbox data to learn more.



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