Connecting Your Webpage With The G+ Brand Page

Social Signals

It’s an open secret that Google places increasingly more weight on social signals. (Shares, Likes, …)

G+ business brand pages in the Google SERPs

Partially, the Google Plus pages are already displayed in the results pages for brand-related search queries:

(Picture: Brafton)

For this, the connection of your website with the G+ brand page is a prerequisite.


Connecting your website to the G+ brand page in 4 Steps

  1. Set up a G+ page (if not already done)
  2. Enter your Site on the Google Plus info page:
  3. In the <head>-area of your own page, you’ll need to enter a link in the markup:
    <link href="" rel="publisher" />

    123456789012345678901 has to be substituted by your G+ Page ID (for ex. taken from the URL).

  4. Test with Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool:



Connecting your website with the G+ business page can quickly be done and may be beneficial for your Google SERP-listing. Therefore: highly recommended!