Did Google start the revolution of video ads?

Today Google introduced a new way of using their Shopping Ads (PLA) channel. Google calls it “TrueView for shopping”. Every user has already seen the ads before a video starts on YouTube. After a few seconds the user is able to skip it and proceed to the video.

Mobile first – TrueView for shopping works great on mobile devices

Now comes the real innovation: Instead of connecting your AdWords account retailers can also profit from the integration of the more convenient and also more suitable Merchant Center. Advertisers only need to connect their campaign with a Merchant Center feed to dynamically add products to their in-stream videos. Advertiser also benefit from the geographic and demographic user information provided by YouTube. And of course dynamic remarketing is available which makes it easy to show users ads from a product they viewed on a website before.

What Shopping Ads is for the search engine result page (SERP) is TrueView for shopping on YouTube. Considering that YouTube videos and channels still getting more and more popular, a more professional advertising for retailers is a long overdue revival of video ads.

Google also considered mobile devices. Regardless of whether using desktops, tablets or mobile phones: TrueView for shopping works on every device and follows the mobile first trend.


TrueView for shopping could become a real game changer

Google also did some number crunching and offers hard facts. During early test with some handpicked brands TrueView for shopping achieved impressive results:
– 3X revenue increase per impression compared to previous campaigns
– +80% lift in consideration
– +54% lift in ad recall
– an average view time of nearly two minutes (which is truly remarkable for video ads)

TrueView for shopping in a real video

Expect more feature coming soon

Product ratings and merchant promotions are not implemented yet, but Google will definitely work on a integration of these features. The integration of the Merchant Center also proofs that Google will expand Google Shopping and is also increasing the practical value of the Merchant Center.
With a lot more features coming and a increasingly better integration of Google’s other advertising products TrueView for Shopping can have a huge impact on the whole advertising industry.

The full news can on Google’s AdWords blog