Get hyperlocal with Google Adwords

Usually, these “hyperlocal distance information with location extensions” are old hat. Yet since Google’s still “location, location, location” besides “social, social, social”, I want to describe this feature and its interaction with Google Places once more in depth.

A short video illustrates the benefits of this feature:

First and foremost it is about beeing able to show the user hyperlocally relevant advertisements based on his geographic position. This is facilliated by the so called space expansion for ads in Google AdWords and linking with a Google Places account, under which the relevant premises are supposed to be registered.

Google Places
Google Places is a product by Google for local businesses and users to engage in interaction with each other. Business owners can register their premises and provide users with information about their locations. Users can, analogous to Qype, give ratings and write reviews. For local searches, Google Places entries are placed prominently on the results page for local queries, which justifies the time investment for setting up a Google Places Account and filling it with basic information. One can further extend this, for example by working with Pictures of your location to expand your Real-Estate on the results page. A small example for this is our location in Linz (Search term: smec Linz):

Hyperlocal Mobile Extensions

If you link your Google Places account with your AdWords account and create location extensions, additional information like distance to the next business outlet and a fold out map can be displayed for relevant queries (depending on the keywords recorded in the AdWords account).

With this Map a dynamic navigation to the corresponding business location is easily possible. And now on to the expert infos:

Google enables dynamic integration of locations and phone numbers, similar to Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) – called Location Insertion. Hence it is possible to directly show the users the correspondingly suitable store information. The user gets the correct telephone number for the click-to-call feature and is adressed with a relevant text advertisement. Analogous to Keyword Insertion, Location Insertion utilizes metacharacters and a fallback.

A text advertisement template in the following form (not considering lenght restrictions):

Buy flowers in { near you}
Give us a call under {lb.telephone:0732 99} or
visit our store in { near you}!{}

would appear in Linz as:

Buy flowers in Linz
Give us a call under 0732 99 7002 or
visit our store in Linz!

There are hardly limits for your creativity. We hope you’ll successfully test Dynamic Location Insertion in your local AdWords campaigns!