Google Introduced the Manufacturer Center to improve product information for online shoppers

Yesterday Google introduced a new tool called “Manufacturer Center”. Like the name says, it is a tool “that helps brand manufacturers accurately represent their products to shoppers across, Google Shopping and other Google services.” The goal is to provide better and more accurate data about products. But one thing is a bit confusing: Google says that the tool (as its name implies) is especially for manufacturers.

Like we wrote in other posts before, well structured and high quality product data is a must for retailers and online marketers. Of course a tool which is easy to use and offers several possibilities to adjust product details and standardize data would be huge relief for many people.

A glimpse of the Manufacturer Center


What is Google’s goal publishing this tool?

We already described the Knowledge Panel, with which Google follows the strategy to introduce a new way of how products (including Ads) will be presented. This might be the first step, but the direction seems clear that the Knowledge Panel will be a new kind of presenting information including Shopping Ads (PLAs).


knowledge panel huge
The Knowledge Panel combines information and ads


We also think that this is an approach to push the usage of unique product identifiers and Designated brands. This helps Google to compare products more easily and bring up a better experience for users. Big brands like Nike, Microsoft or Samsung already benefit of it and the Manufacturer Center could be the possibility for medium or smaller brands to participate without beeing dependent on Google’s efforts to include the right data. The overall quality of such ads on (eg. the selection of variants in the shopping-knowledge-panel) will definitely rise and will be a precondition for implementing a “buy”-button. Only if you are able to select the product (or variant of a product) you want and you are sure that the advertised product is exactly the product you want to buy the users will have enough trust that a buy button will be a success. So Google is going into the right direction.

When and how can I try it?

You can try it right now, just drop Google a line. But attention: You have to verify that you’re a manufacturer and this is only working in the US so far: Manufacturer Center interest form

So stay tuned and follow us for more brand new stuff of Google Shopping and Ecommerce news!

You’ll find Google’s full announcement here.