Google Weekly Ads

Google is testing a new advertising concept in germany, called Google Weekly Ads. This form of advertising is particularly interesting for stationary businesses. It is a combination of Google Adwords ads with an interactive personalized website presenting current week-long offers. Participating companies in a first testing phase are “METRO Cash & Carry” and “real,-“.


The startpage provides a survey of all participating retailers. When you click on the logo of a retailer, you are forwarded to its personalized Page displaying all promotional offers. There, potential customers can choose the outlet they are most interested in and are provided with further information on the offer’s duration. With the search functionality, visitors can search for particular products. But one can also browse the offer pages individually or filter by product category.

Here an example for the cheese category:

By clicking on the “Add to Shopping list” button, interesting products can be collected on a list which can be printed or sent via Email.

The order of the displayed weekly offers can be adapted to the users interest. For example, it can be based on the search query, the location, or the clicked advertisement. Stationary computers, Tablets and Smartphones are supported.

Conditions of participation

Prerequisite for participation on this project is a minimum of 1 million pageviews generated by Google Adwords per quarter. Costs are only incurred for the click on the Adwords ad, which redirects to the respective Google Weekly Ad.


The Google Weekly Ads provide an opportunity especially for stationary merchants to clearly present their special offers over the internet and generate additional sales. By advertising weekly promotional offers with Google Adwords ads, potential customers can be reached optimally. Additionally the awareness for stationary marchants will increase. The main advantage for consumer is the quick and easy overview over all current promotions in their area.

The timing and availability for Google Weekly Ads in Austria has yet to be announced. But we will certainly keep you updated!