(P) interesting E-Commerce Chance

What exactly is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social network, which aims to represent a virtual, public pin board and is increasingly getting in the focus of media coverage.

Pinterest is ideal to collect ideas for various occasions, like weddings or birthdays, suggestions on home improvement or to catch up on the latest trends in fashion. Furthermore you’ll find countless recipes, presented in a detailed and visually appealing manner.
The idea behind Pinterest is to pin exciting things to your pin board and make them accessible to other members.

As a Startup, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing networks of it’s kind. By now, Pinterest has more than 10 million unique views per month. Modea, a crative agency from Virginia, US published a very interesting Infographic, to illustrate how Pinterest, and especially their users tick.


Close inspection of the info graphic quickly reveals which audience meets on Pinterest.

Target Group: Female, 25-34 Years Old, 50% With Kids.

By now, Pinterest has become a key factor in the e-commerce area. A gifts button has been prominently integrated, which upon click reveals the “online-shop” corner. Professional and attractive product images, as well as a solid follower base are the meat and potatoes to successfully sell on Pinterest.

Key Advantage: Users don’t have to click through countless online shops, but experience an ideal and casual environment. The “little black dress” can therefore be incidentally discovered on the iPad, in the evening in front of the TV.

Shopping on Pinterest

In case you own an online shop which caters to the mentioned audience, we suggest to take a close look at Pinterest. With relatively little effort one can often bring a lot about .

Conclusion: A visually appealing and contemporarily implemented platform, with enormous potential and opportunities for online shops with the right target group.