Google Launches New Assortment Report Feature

Yesterday we surprisingly found a new feature in Google’s Merchant Center. While we checked a customer’s merchant center suddenly a new menu item appeared. We give you a brief overview what the Assortment Report is.

Too long; didn’t read version: 
• Google added a new feature in the Google Merchant Center
• The Assortment Report gives retailers insight into the demand for popular items
• Retailers can quickly compare their pricing or can see what product should be added to the product feed


The Assortment Report is a really useful overview and shows the most popular items on Google Shopping in your target country segmented by the Google Product Category. Only products where you did not get a single impression (in the last 14 days) are shown, which means that Google gives you some data for finding new products which you can add to your assortment. The match of the products is made through a comparison of the Product’s GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number). Brands that are only offered by a single merchant are not included in the Assortment Report!

The reports shows items of the last 14 days, so you can’t use it as a tool for historical data analysis.
Google Assortment Report

How The Assortment Report Works

First of all you’ll find a filter which let’s you choose a Google product category. Only categories where you currently get impressions are shown (BTW: there are over 5400 single categories). After you choose your category you get an instant report with following information:

  • Rank
  • Image
  • Brand
  • Title
  • Desciption
  • Category
  • Benchmark Prices

All of these categories are quite self explaining, but especially the ranking and the benchmark prices provide some real good insights.

Brands and individual products that are only offered by ONE merchant are not included in the Assortment Report! Also there might be manufacturer restrictions or exclusive partnerships.


Best practice suggested by Google

Google suggests to use following Best-Practices while using these reports:
Look for high-level categories: If you look for high-level categories like “Electronics” the results will also included products from subcategories within the original category like “Electronics > Video > Video Players & Recorders > Streaming & Home Media Players“.

Search for results of a narrow Google product category: Narrow categories can give you a focused understanding of the product popularity in a very specific category.


Reasons why the Assortment report does not work correctly

  • Make sure that you have active product target with bids in AdWords for this item
  • You are not using GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers)
  • You offer a product variant of an popular product
  • Your product data was not submitted correctly
  • Not enough other merchants promote the same products and so there are no benchmarks for them.


The Assortment report is a nice new feature which give retailers the chance to react quickly on trends and find popular products which should be included in your assortment (or maybe just included in the feed). It also gives a brief overview of the pricing of competitors.