HeroConf Philadelphia 2016

Welcome to our HeroConf Philadelphia 2016 focus page! You will find the most important insights from before, after and during the event here on this page: recaps, impressions and much more! Stay tuned!


  • The HeroConf 2016 will be from 25-27 April in Philadelphia
  • You will find the most important insights from before, after and during the event here on this page  
  • Meet the Whoop! team at the HeroConf and follow us for live coverage
  • Chance to win an awesome gadget at our booth
  • Get a 20% discount code for one of the last tickets


The world’s largest all-PPC event is back and heads to Philadelphia at 25-27 April 2016. Join us for the PPC conference of the year and we will feed you with the latest information live from the event. And if you’re a late riser you still have the possibility to use our exclusive discount code to grab one of the last tickets!



  1. About the HeroConf Philadelphia
  2. Speakers
  3. Meet the team
  4. Get 20% discount for your ticket
  5. Live Coverage


About the HeroConf Philadelphia

Last year we attended the HeroConf London ( and had a great time as you can see in our last-years recap). Without promising too much, we expect an even better time at the HeroConf Philly. It seems like the last preparations are done:

  • over 50 speakers
  • 4 major keynote by industry luminaries
  • countless possibilities for networking
  • Great location, it’s Philly 🙂


The Speakers

The entire Whoop! team is looking forward to talks by Marty Weintraub (Founder of aimclear), Brad Geddes (maybe the most famous AdWords evangelist), Kirk William (founder of ZATO) or Larry Kim (Founder of WordStream and maybe the most entertaining PPC speaker out there). You can find a full speaker list here.


Meet Whoop!

Our team for Philly is looking forward to meet you. Let’s have a chat at booth 14 and enjoy our delicious cake pops 🙂




For a better orientation we attached a floor plan with all booths so that you can easily find us.

HeroConf booths

All information at a glance can be found here: Whoop! at the HeroConf Philadelphia


20% discount on tickets

No ticket yet? No problem: Use the discount code below and grab one of the last tickets.


HeroConf Philadelphia 2016: 20% discount on all tickets




Stay tuned for our live coverage and tell your friends!

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