Although the situation presents lots of uncertainties, we are convinced that the know-how and insights we have created over the last twelve years will allow us to manage the current situation professionally in every possible way.

Therefore, we keep investigating the situation thoroughly and constantly adapt our processes and workflows to recent developments. This enables us to keep delivering high-quality service levels and seamless functionality of all our tools even these days – just as you are used to!

As we place great emphasis on both our employees’ safety and your success, we are best prepared for remote work due to our resilient IT infrastructure. Our team consisting of 140+ highly motivated professionals is now working from home and our daily operations on behalf of our clients remain unaffected if not otherwise requested.

In addition, we provide you with valuable feedback and exceptional expertise that can be crucial for successfully overcoming this crisis. Our goal here is to lower the degree of uncertainty for both our clients and employees by being fully transparent in our actions.

Most importantly, our strategic advice and deep insights will help our clients deal with the situation in the best possible way. If you have any questions, please let us know. We are fully operational and remain a strong strategic partner for all of our clients.