On July 15th, 2017 we relocated our company headquarters to Tabakfabrik Linz, an architectural masterpiece built from designs by Peter Behrens, the leading representative of Industrial Modernism. Once a factory that produced cigarettes, today Tabakfabrik is a protected historic landmark, and in 2010 it was reimagined and rededicated as a 40,000 square meter innovation hub in the creative sector. Now, Smarter Ecommerce is Tabakfabrik’s largest tenant and participant, overlooking the city from our 1,700 square meter office on the 4th floor.

The timing was perfect: Last year, the number of co-workers here at smec tripled, and today we encompass more than 100 employees from over 20 countries, supporting more than 500 clients in over 20 international markets. So we really needed a change, and this change was not just for the better but for the best. At Tabakfabrik we have an open space that offers us even more room for innovative power and high-performance results. Adding to our open-door policy and collaborative working style, our new shared-desk concept proves to be an important cultural asset that emphasizes personal responsibility and empowers self-reliant work.

To experience the first day at a new company location is always something special, but at Tabakfabrik it is something extraordinary. It is even more thrilling because it marks our 10-year anniversary. The place is filled with both history and the promise of a new future. The architecture was visionary at its time and innovative in the truest sense of the word: ground-breaking and game-changing. That is exactly what we are striving for as a company and what we have been striving for since our very beginning 10 years ago – every day we have to reinvent ourselves, to stay a step ahead so we can enable our customers to take the lead.

And yes, moving in was a lot of work. We are deeply grateful to everyone who helped us go the whole nine yards. That made the first day at Tabakfabrik an extremely rewarding moment. When we all gathered, viewing the challenges behind us, eyeing the opportunities before us, you could feel the atmosphere of openness and greatness, of legacy and desire.

It is people who fill a place with life, who bring the world in motion, who create emotion. And that is something you can feel for yourself. Just stop by anytime for a warm welcome, a coffee, and a friendly talk. At smec you are always welcome!

Here you find some pictures of our first day:


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Here we are at Tabakfabrik: