SMX Munich recap: of benchmarks and seasonalities


On April 2 and 3, marketing and ecommerce specialists met at the International Congress Center Munich for an online marketing conference that is known well beyond borders: the SMX Search Marketing Expo that takes place in multiple cities around the world – multiple times a year. SMX Munich started this year’s SMX conference series (next up will be SMX London).

Organized by Rising Media, it is one of THE hot spots for SEA and SEO professionals in the German-speaking area. While their Game of Thrones theme definitely raised some eyebrows this year, first-class networking opportunities and an agenda filled with talks by international SEA, PPC, content, analytics and tech experts promised to make the trip worthwhile for all attendees – including Christian Scharmüller and Oliver Greifenstein, our PPC dream team 😉


smx chris and oliver


Well prepared for their presentations, they traveled to Munich, ready to share insights with the curious SMX crowd. Christian was the first to present. His topic? Benchmarks and insights from our work with 500+ Google Ads accounts. As a regular speaker at industry events (like SMX, SEAcamp or Hero Conf), it was definitely not the first time for many people to see him on stage. And like always, he was ready to deliver: based on the analysis of representative samples, he deduced valid benchmarks for text ads and Shopping ads, highlighting the impact of seasonalities and price comparison platforms on Google Ads campaigns.



In specific, he dealt with the following questions:

  • Are text ads still worth an investment?
  • Do search and shopping perform differently on query level?
  • Which synergies are there between shopping and search?
  • How does Black Friday perform compared to the whole holiday season?
  • What is the impact of running CSS campaigns on the performance?


Christian always delivers. A pity he was cut off.


Unfortunately, the session was not long enough for all the information he had prepared and we had to skip the Q&A. Therefore, if you have any questions while watching the video, feel free to reach out to Christian via email ([email protected]).


Interesting points and study cases.


Meanwhile, Irene Ehrengruber, Hüseyin Gürbey and Daniel Prillinger ensured that no questions were left unanswered at our smec booth – and there were more than enough questions as the topics Google Shopping and PPC automation continue to spark the interest of online marketers.



Smarter Ecommerce at SMX Munich (Credits: SMX)


But at some point even the toughest online marketers need a break 😉 Luckily we prepared something special for this year’s edition of SMX Munich: a lunch with top representatives of our industry. Taking place at the ICM, the lunch offered a nice break from the buzzing atmosphere in the expo hall and a chance to discuss (private and) professional topics – all while enjoying regional delicacies. Thanks to the organizers and everybody who joined us.


SMX Munich 2019

VIP lunch at SMX Munich (Credits: SMX)


The second day at SMX also offered some highlights: for us, it was definitely Oliver’s talk 😉 Even though he struggled with technical problems, he managed to excite his audience, offering them a glimpse into Google’s ‘black box’. For those of you who missed the talk and who speak German, we have good news: Oliver was able to present his talk at SEAcamp as well – here’s the recap (including a video).




You did not have time to meet us at SMX Munich? Why not join us at the Great Day for PPC Automation – at our headquarters in Linz (Austria) on May 23. Join industry leaders like Thorsten Ahlers (Brille24), Polle van Elsacker (formerly Zalando), Patrick Chardon (Google), David Merrifield (RS Components), Thomas Wrobel (Trivago) and Sven Achterberg (OTTO) for an exciting day dedicated to empowering PPC managers. For more information and the complete line-up, visit

We would be happy to welcome you in Linz on May 23.